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Location of Timisoara

Coordinates: 45°45'35"N;   21°13'48"E
Country: Romania
County: Timis County
Status: County Capital
   - City: 129.2 km2 (49.9 sq mi)
   - Metro: 1,070.4 km2 (413.3 sq mi)
Elevation: 90 m (295 ft)
Population (est. 2009)
   - City: 312,113
   - Density: 2,415.7/km2 (6,256.7/sq mi)
   - Metro: 359,132
Time Zone: Central European Time, GMT+2
Official Language: Romanian
Monetary Unit: Leu (RON); Approximately in euros (1€ ~ 4 Lei)
Credit cards: Most retail outlets, airports, hotels and restaurants accept all major credit cards

  • Timisoara city

    Timisoara is a city in the Banat region of western Romania. It is the capital of Timis County. One of the largest Romanian cities, with an estimated population of 312,113 inhabitants, Timisoara is the main economic and cultural center in Banat, in the western part of the country.

    Timisoara is the second most important city of Romania and the first regarding investment. Neighbouring three European capitals (Budapest, Vienna, Belgrade) has led to a multi-cultural space.

    Timisoara is the only city in Romania to have a Romanian theatre as well as a Hungarian one and a German one. And Hotel Timisoara is situated at a 10 metres' distance from all three of them. Right from the front door of the hotel starts the Corso Boulevard, customary place for promenade.

    Timisoara is also the city of parks: within the same distance from the hotel (5 minutes' walk) you can find three of the most beautiful parks in Romania: the Botanical Park, The Roses' Park and the Central Park. Walking along the navigation canal of Bega is also an offer you cannot deny. It is one of the reasons why foreigners think that Timisoara is both a romantic and a fascinating city. There are so many places waiting for you to discover such as: the Orthodox Cathedral, the Sinagogue in the former Jewish District, the Catholic Dome in the Unirii Square and the Baroque Palace, now the Art Museum.

  • "Timisoara" Hotel

    "Timisoara" Hotel is situated in the cultural and historic centre of Timisoara overlooking Opera Square. Inside, you’ll find a four star setting and more.

    Laszlo Szekely, chief city architect, built this imposing mansion, where Timisoara Hotel stands now, between the two world wars. The exterior reflects the style of the central square; the interior mirrors your highest expectations in 209 single and double rooms designed with discreet charm and refinement.

    The Opera Restaurant serves German, Hungarian and Romanian dishes at an all you can eat buffet. Delicious drinks are served in the intimate atmosphere of the hotel bar or on the restaurant's cosy terrace.
    English breakfast is served at the restaurant and you can try the famous local beer "Timisoreana".
    Timisoara Hotel also features a lobby with a business centre with free Wi-Fi internet access.
    The hotel offers spacious and elegant accommodation with free Wi-Fi internet access and secured parking.

  • "Politehnica" University of Timisoara

    "Politehnica" University of Timisoara is one of the biggest and most well-known technical universities from Central and Eastern Europe. It was founded in 1920, short time after the union in one state of all the romanian territories - supervened in the context of the political redefinitions in Europe, following at the end of the First World War-, in order to respond to the need of engineers felt by the Romanian society at that time, within the economical relaunching it assumed. During its almost 90 years of existence, “Politehnica” University of Timisoara produced over 100 000 engineers, very appreciated both in Romania and abroad, for their competence and seriousness.

    At present, “Politehnica“ University of Timisoara has 10 faculties and 4 independent departments. 15 000 students, 850 teaching staff and 900 administrative and auxiliary staff study, respectively, work within their framework.