Dear Participants,

We would like to thank you for participating at the REHVA Annual Meeting 2012 which was held for the first time in Timisoara, Romania.

It was a great pleasure having you as guests in our beautiful city.

We really hope that we were good hosts and you enjoyed being part of this conference.

We thank you once again for your active participation in the conference and making this conference one of the memorable events of this year.

Dr. Eng. Ioan Silviu Dobosi
Vice President REHVA/AIIR


The 56th REHVA Annual Conference and meeting is organized in cooperation with the Romanian Installation Engineers Association (AIIR) and the Romanian General Association for Refrigeration (AGFR) in Hotel Timisoara and the "Politehnica" University of Timisoara in downtown Timisoara. Both are situated in the cultural and historic center of Timisoara overlooking the Opera Square.

If you are interested in recent development in energy retrofitting, then you should attend the REHVA Conference and Annual Meeting in Timisoara. The conference brings together an international group of researchers, professionals and practitioners and who routinely improve the energy efficiency, operating costs, and environmental impacts of buildings. Speakers at the conference are top experts of their field representing European Commission and other important organizations and Member states of the European Union.

The 2012 REHVA Annual Conference will focus on
"HVAC Technology in Energy Retrofitting"

The range of topics includes:
    EU policy and regulations for building retrofitting
    Cost effective inspections for better energy efficiency
    Energy efficient equipment for retrofitting.

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